Local band drops debut album

If you were to chuck Billy Talent, Panic! At The Disco and a dash of nutmeg into a cauldron you would get Uforia,  a four-man group that consists of a trio of Humber Lakeshore music students along with a York University alumnus.

With 102 sales of their first EP, Imagining, that released on Nov. 16, the lead singer, Mike Ursini, along with the rest of the band is evidently excited about the good love they’ve felt.

“It’s getting great reviews, people are coming back and purchasing a second, third, fourth copy.  It’s exciting man.” said Ursini.

Uforia started over a year and a half ago as a two-man group consisting of Ursini and bass player Sam Morton.  And over the summer the third and fourth piece were added to the puzzle.

Morton went on to sort of explain what direction they’re headed.  “What we did over the summer is we kind of cultivated the band.  We added two new members to it because we used session guys for the drummer and guitar player before.  And so now, we are working on three new tracks with the full band.”

With the third and fourth members in place, the style of the group has diversified.

“A lot of our personal influences are pretty different which is a great thing for the band.  I know Julien’s [drummer, Julien Bigras] into, like, pretty heavy stuff. Sam’s into a lot of hip-hop, R&B. I’m [guitarist, Adam Brik] into a lot of funk stuff and Mike’s into some pretty heavy rock.  So when you put all those influences together you get a pretty unique sound.”

When asked who their biggest influences are, Ursini said that Billy Talent is a pretty big influence to them.

“Billy Talent is a huge influence on us.  As well as Our Lady Peace, Tool for sure, Red Hot Chili Peppers.  A lot of commercial stuff, but heavy stuff, none of that pop Justin Bieber stuff you know.”

Ursini spilled the details on the meaning behind the title-track, Imagining.

“That song just came about after I went to a wedding of one my friends, and I just sort of started thinking about stuff.  Like man, I’m being left behind.  People my age are getting married, having kids and stuff, and I’m in my basement playing guitar.  So it just kinda hit me, and I was like hey I should write a song about this, and I did.”

Seeming like a tight-knit group they showed no mercy when poking fun at each other.  Even when it came to the lack of facial hair a band member could grow.

“Brick tried to grow a moustache this month,” said Ursini laughingly when asked what the craziest band story was so far.

Uforia’s next show will be at the Drake Hotel on Dec. 17 for a Christmas party.

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